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Seeking the elusive Shangri-La. My attempts at self-experimentation, inspired by Seth Roberts.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First Post - My beginning stats.

Started the Shangri-La Method (officially) on July 1, 2006. Started practicing around June 20, when I started my internet research on the topic. I was so interested in Seth Roberts' method, I went out and bought the book at Borders.

I won't explain how the Shangri-La Diet (SLD) works here. If you are interested, buy the book, or log on at Seth Roberts' forums:

Here are my starting stats: July 1st:

Female, age 44.
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 205 lbs. My all-time highest weight.

My ultimate goal would be to reach my high school weight of 120 lbs.
Realistically, I want to lose about 2 or 3 lbs a month. I think this would be a sustainable weight loss in the long term.

Today I weigh 203 lbs after 12 days on the Shangri-La method.

From July 1 through July 10, I was taking 2T of ELOO and 2T of Sugar/Fructose.
Currently, I am taking 4 Tablespoons of Canola oil, and 2 Tablespoons of Sucrose/Fructose per day. To me, Canola has less flavor. I know its a lot of oil, but I am basing it on Seth's table of oil for desired weight loss. See page 56 of "The Shangri-La Diet".

Here is a general idea of my day and how I incorporate the SLD. My husband and I get up very early in the morning for work:

0100: "Alarm SLD". Take 1T of oil in a glass of water. Go back to sleep until alarm goes off at:
0315: Get up, shower, 2 C coffee (1/2 & 1/2, and sugar), breakfast as usual.
0530: Begin the "2 hour window".
0630: First bottle of Oil/SW. Usually takes 1/2 hr to finish. 1.5 T Oil + 1 T Sugar.
0800: End of 2 hr window. Can eat if hungry. I usually don't eat until my morning coffee break at 0900. Day goes on as usual, until:
1200: Lunch. Half hour lunch.
1230: Begin 2nd "2 hour window".
1330: Second bottle of Oil/SW. Usually takes 1/2 hr to finish. 1.5 T Oil + 1 T Sugar.
1500: End of 2 hr window. Can eat if hungry (I usually am).
1800: Dinner. The rest of the night: brush teeth, work out, relax.
2000: Go to bed - I get up at an ungodly hour!

I have been able to maintain the routine without much problem. The 2 hour window twice a day does not bother me. I think I have not lost more because maybe I wasn't using enough oil early on. (?)

Appetite Suppression: I have been bullied by my appetite for years, as shown by my weight. I have never had such success at getting it under control - this is wonderful!

Yesterday I started a FitDay account, and also started a spreadsheet to track weight/oil/sugar. I liked Seth's bar chart in his book.

~ Susan